Happy New Year 2014 abstract vector

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Happy New Year 2014 Vector


Santa Claus vector free illustration
Author: Vector4u
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Santa Claus Vector


Download Vector mascot character in vector format

Author : vector 4u


Mascot Character Business Vector

Note: vector4u is my personal site all about vector..


To do image manipulation, background is a main element that can give your artwork more juicy. Now i show you how to create simple round radial effect just using filter in photoshop.

Step 1
Create new document. Name it 'radial'. i just use normal size 640 x 480

step 2
use contrast colors for foreground and background. Mine use yellow and red.
Then go to Filter > Sketch > Halftone pattern.

Step 3
I use default setting, and you can slide the bar until you get better result

Step 4
Here's the result. Simple is'nt it.

You can add your favourite graphics to make your final artwork more interesting.


Step 1
Open up yor photos, I use angelina Jolie as my photo. Then go to Photoshop's Save for Web command.

step 2
switch to the Eyedropper tool in the Save for Web's Toolbox,

step 3
Click on the background color you want to become transparent. i choose white with eyedropper tool

step 4

Then, just below the Color Table on the bottom right of the
dialog, click on the first icon, which creates transparency from your selected color , save the file and you're done.


Step 1
To begin, lets choose your picture or you can choose whether its your boyfriend, hollywood celebrities or your lovely pet. I use brad pitt as my reference

step 2
choose filter > Blur > Smart Blur

Step 3
at 'mode' option, choose edge only
slide the bar until you satisfid with the result

Step 4
Your photos still in black background. You just need to choose Image > Adjustment and select inverse (mac shortcut : command + I )

Here's the final result. You can erased some messy lines with eraser tools .


Today i want to show you how easy to turn your photos into sephia mode. This effect is suitable to make your photo look classic.

step 1
open up your photo..i use nature as my theme

step 2
click image > adjustment > hue and saturation

step 3
hue and saturation pop up will appear. Please tick 'colorize'

your photos become sephia instantly..drag the slides until you get better result and suit your taste..

that's all...:-)

photo copyright

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