This tutorial will show you how to create some of the more popular Web 2.0 style button using Photoshop CS. Very nice tutorial.


some glossy buttons that i have designed during my free time.



If you have a multi-layered document and want to turn each layer into its own separate document,

Click File menu, under Scripts, and choose Export Layers to Files.


Create columns and rows of text easily in Illustrator by using the Area Type options.

1.If the text area is no longer selected, use the Selection tool () to select it now.

2.Choose Type > Area Type Options. When the Area Type Options window appears, you see many choices that include settings for not only rows, but columns.

3.For this example, check Preview and change the Number text field under the heading of Columns to 2, and click OK.


4.Choose File > Save. Leave this document open.

that's all mate....


Problem: The image looked great in Photoshop, but now that you've converted it to CMYK, saved the file as a TIFF, and placed it into QuarkXPress, InDesign, PageMaker, etc., the image looks awfulway oversaturated and totally whacked.

Reason: The preview of CMYK TIFFs just looks like that, so don't freak outif it looked right in Photoshop, it should print fine. Okay, what if you saved the file as an EPS, and when you place the image into your page layout app, the color of the image looks okay, but it's not crisp and clear, but pixelated.

Reason: By default, the preview embedded within EPS images is a lame 256-color preview.

Solution: In the EPS Options dialog, under Preview, choose JPEG. That way, it sends a 24-bit, full-color preview, rather than the lame 256-color preview.

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