Have you ever wondered how to make a screen shot? Sure, just click the "ctrl" key and the "prt sc" key at the same time―but then what? Where did it go to? Actually, it didn't go anywhere―it's on hold in the same way as when we *save* something. When we *save* something, we have to put it somewhere. Well, the same holds true of "ctrl" (meaning control) and "prt sc" (meaning print screen). Is all that happens is that you took a shot (or picture) of the screen (as you actually see it). Suppose the whole page doesn't fit on the screen? What then? Read on, and I'll tell you how get it all.

To start, adjust the screen (with your scroll bar) and frame your picture. Then, click the "ctrl" key and the "prt sc" key at the same time.

Open up Word, and paste the screen shot in there. You will have to crop it, because your whole screen is visible. Click on the image, select your crop tool, and crop it. After you cropped it, click on the white part of the page to change the tool icon back to an *I beam.* Now, click back onto the image and with your pointer, size the image to the approximate size you wan. Right click on it and *copy* it.

This sounds weird, but this is the easiest way to turn a non-jpeg into one. Paste it into an email and send it back to yourself. Your firewall may warn you that it is a virus, but it's not. Just override the warning and proceed.

Open up your email and right-click the image. Next, *Save Picture As* to your PC and change the ridiculously long geek name to something like *ScrnShot* (to make it easier to find). After you find it, notice how it became a jpeg and website friendly.

Repeat the process to get the second half of the webpage. You should have two sections.Open up Illustrator CS and paste both sections together in this software. Now, "Save For Web."

Debbie Jensen

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