by Katrina Rauch
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all designers out there..this article is a must to read..- very inspiring..lol


A typical day in my life as a graphic designer doesn’t really exist. Each day can be quite different. Owning my own graphic and web design business is challenging and exciting at the same time. To be frank, I get up each day around 6am and hit the gym. After I get home eat some breakfast and shower it’s near 8:30am. I walk into my office, which is in my house, and check my email. I typically get about 30 a night from existing clients and new ones who are inquiring about my business. After answering emails I’ll make a list of the things I need to do that day ranging from projects I need to work on as well as phone calls and meetings I need to go to. Since I’m a business owner, I know I’ll always be in the process of growing my business so I have joined my local Chamber of Commerce and am part of numerous Leads Groups and business networking lunches. I have about five of these networking meetings each week and I find new clients and new business contacts each time I attend a meeting.

After I’ve organized my day, I get to work on my “To Do” list. Today for example, I’ve been working on two different company logos, a brochure, and web site. I try to make sure I give ample design time to each of my current clients and continue to make consistent progress on their design project. By 1:00pm if I’m home, I’ll grab some lunch and return any phone calls or emails I’ve received during the day thus far. Once that is complete I’ll try to focus on some marketing opportunities to help grow the business for an hour or so each day. Today I’ve spent some time writing some articles to submit online as well as gather info for our upcoming free monthly eZine that I send out to all our clients and mailing list each month. I’ve also spent some time developing a direct mail campaign for our business. When the afternoon mail comes, I’ll catch up on the business bills, incoming accounts receivable, and send out new invoices. As the day winds down, I’ll continue working on client projects and then send out proofs via email for my clients to view. As you can see, being a business owner and graphic designer is hard work, but if done well, can lead to a successful business.


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