Backward Compatibility in Adobe InDesign CS2 allows InDesign CS users to open Adobe InDesign CS2 documents by first exporting them to the InDesign Interchange (INX) format. To open INX files from InDesign CS , you also need to first install an update for InDesign CS called Adobe InDesign CS 3.0.1 April 2005 (CS2 Compatibility Update). To determine if you have the update installed, see document 331403 , "Determine if you have installed InDesign or InCopy CS 3.0.1 April 2005 update."

Content that you create using functionality that is specific to InDesign CS2 might be modified or omitted when you open the file in InDesign CS. For example, footnotes and object styles (new features in InDesign CS2) drop out. However, the INX file preserves attributes applied to page objects using the Object Style palette attributes when possible.

To export an InDesign Interchange file from InDesign CS2:

1. Open or create a file in InDesign CS2.

2. Choose File > Export.

3. In the Export dialog box, select InDesign Interchange from the File Type menu (Windows) or Formats menu (Mac OS).

4. Click Save.

source: Adobe.com


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