By Leva Duell

You can find templates for every type of image typically used on a web page. From web page templates to header templates, banner templates, navigation buttons, order buttons, and ebook covers, you can find what you need on the Internet. Why would you consider using a pre-made template? Well, below you will find the top five compelling reasons for doing so.

Save Time – Sure, you could make your own ... assuming that you have the graphic design skills, the software, and the time needed to put your graphic images together. However, most likely you will find your time better spent on developing and marketing your web site. What is your time worth? Even if you have the know-how and the right software, do you really want to spend your time on this time-consuming task? You would have a better chance of making money if you get your site online faster, and put more time and energy into marketing your site.

Save Money – The other alternative to creating your own web site and web images is to hire a professional designer. This would certainly save you time, but can be expensive – especially when you are creating multiple web sites. For about the same price you would pay to get one designer-made graphic, you could get a whole collection of quality, pre-made templates.

The Results – A high-quality web site with professional-looking graphics will instill confidence in visitors and promote sales. It has been shown repeatedly that using quality graphics can increase sales by 200 to 300 percent, and even more. If you don’t have the skills to design good images, and don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer to custom make them for you, then your best alternative is to invest in well-made templates. All you have to do is add your own text and you are ready to go. The result will be a greatly improved chance for increased sales.

Inspiration – Even if you do have the skills and time to produce your own graphics, coming up with the right image can be difficult. The blank canvass syndrome has plagued artists and graphic designers forever. If you have a collection of well-made templates on hand, then you have an almost unlimited supply of inspiration. You can either customize an existing template, or take one of the template ideas and create your own totally new image.

Availability – Pre-made, quality templates are readily available and generally economically priced. This makes purchasing templates a sound business decision.

Put your time and energy into the most productive tasks. Start using quality web templates to save time, increase productivity, and give a professional look to your web site.

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