What, CRADLE Projekt?
Cradle stands for Corak Rekabentuk Alternatif Dalam Lakaran Ekspresif/Alternative Design Pattern in Expressive Perspective.
The projekt is devoted to all blogger that use blog/web as a medium to express their creativitism and idealism in Art, Illustration, Graphics, Comics Activities.
It's a small step taken by a art assemblage that called themselves Kembara as a medium for all Artist, Illustrator, Graphics Designer, Comicus to expressed their creativity.

Connecting and publishing artblogger creative contents and spread the message would revolt art. The concept of design architectural and creative development in one art assemblage, The ArtBlook Assemblage.

What, ArtBlook! Assemblage?
ArtBlook is inspired by the blogger all over the world that has published their journals in their blog in a book, so it was called a blook. ArtBlook stand for Art Blog Book.
Assemblage is a verb and has the definition of gathering, synonym like aggregation, assembly, association, collection, company, congregation, convergence, crowd, group, throng and in a easier way to tell is it's a collectives.

What is this Projekt For?
A creative human that observe the environment around to create something different and revolting to other. Someone that inspired and aspired to revolt art to the fullest and living and thinking outside the box.

Someone that strive individually and independently to show his creative side of thinking. If it a big show than a communites should gather to make it happen.

Any creative human that do not have a places to exhibit their right brain analogy. Any serious artist that need a route to be known in the world wide web.

Anyone that does Illustration, Drawing, Painting, Comics, Digital Art, Vector Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Graphic, Motion Graphic and any kind of Art And Craft. If you one of those creative human that wanted to share and show how you developed one art project, than it was you that we want. show your roght brain revolting creative art touch.

In a simpler way to make you understand it goes to anyone that has a blog and it's content are about art and craft and has a huge right brain.

Stay up for more newsinfo and update about CRADLE Projekt
for more info --->http://cradleprojekt.blogspot.com/


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